How to have Faith and Patience

The power of patience is a working power. When faith has a tendency to waver, it is patience that comes to faith’s aid to make it stand.

Almost everywhere you find faith mentioned in the Bible, you also find patience.

Faith and patience are the power twins. Together they will produce every time. Patience without faith has no power to call into reality the thing desired. Faith is the substance of things we hope for. Patience without faith has no substance.

On the other hand, faith without patience many times will fail to stand firm on the evidence of the Word that gives deed to things not seen. Jesus told Peter that He had prayed for him that his faith fail not. Without the power of patience at work, we will allow sense knowledge the things we see to overwhelm our faith based on what the Word says rather than what the natural eye can see.

Faith is a powerful force. It always works. It is not that our faith is weak and needs strength, but without the power of patience, we ourselves stop the force of faith from working because of our negative confessions and actions. It is our faith, and we can put it into action. It is our faith, and we can stop it from working.

Traditionally, we think of patience as knuckling under and being satisfied with whatever comes our way. That is not at all what patience is. Patience is a real force. It is to be developed. Patience and faith are two individual forces. They work together the way faith and love work together. All of these are different forces. They each play a different role in our Christian lives.

It is dangerous to confuse these forces and try to use one in the place of the other. For instance, the Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 that faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Hope without faith has no substance. People say, “We are hoping and praying.” This sounds good, but it has no substance. In this case, hope is being confused with faith. Without the substance of faith, that kind of praying will not produce any results. You can see that in a critical situation this would be dangerous. We need to have our thinking straightened out according to the Bible so that we can properly use these forces in their proper places and produce God’s perfect will in our lives.

One of the most common traditions and mistakes in this area of believing is that trials and tribulations develop faith. Trials and tribulations do not develop faith. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Trials and tribulations develop patience.

Faith is developed as we act on the Word of God. Hebrews 12:2 states that Jesus is the Author and Finisher, or Developer, of our faith. It does not say that Satan is the developer of our faith. It is vitally important that we realize the difference between the developing of faith and the developing of patience. Faith should be developed on the Word of God before the trial or testing comes.